Welcome to Slinger, Wisconsin



The village of Slinger is situated northeast of Pike Lake in Wisconsin’s Washington County. Currently, the village is working on the Glen Hill-Tennies Pond Project, a flood abatement project to reduce stormwater runoff in the area.Slinger, Wisconsin

History of Slinger
Originally called Schleisingerville by the man who founded the village (Baruch Schleisinger Weil), Slinger became the center of trade for the adjoining towns.  As more and more businesses set up shop in Slinger, Mr. Weil’s little village began to grow.  Mr. Weil was personally responsible for routing the LaCrosse Railroad so that it passed through the village.

Schleisingerville was shortened to Slinger in during the 1920s.  Today, Slinger continues to be a major force of manufacturing and retail trade in Wisconsin.

Education in Slinger
Public schools in Slinger are overseen by the School District of Slinger.  There is one elementary, one middle and one high school operating in Richfield through the School District of Slinger.  Additionally, there are five preschools and one pre-K through 5th grade private schools available as an alternative to Slinger’s public education.

Things to See and Do in Slinger
Slinger offers several recreational opportunities, from its parks to the aquatic center at Fireman’s Annex Beach to Ruecki Fields, where you can enjoy a little league game as well as other youth programs available through the village.

Even though it is within commuting distance of Milwaukee, Slinger maintains a small-town atmosphere.  You can’t go wrong by checking out this sweet little village.