Welcome to Richfield, Wisconsin



Located in Washington County, within minutes of Milwaukee, the village of Richfield was incorporated as a village in February 2008.  Previously, it was the Town of Richfield.  The local government is very involved in creating a great lifestyle for the people living in Richfield.

History of Richfield Richfield
Richfield was originally populated by the Native American tribes of the Potawatomi and Menomonee people until the early 1830s, when the land was ceded to the US government.  By the mid-1840s, a formal government was established.  With its abundant water supply from the creeks, lakes and streams in the area and fertile land, early economy was based on farming, wheat and milking cows.In addition to the fertile farmland, two railroads also serviced Richfield, which brought summer tourists to the beautiful Richfield lakes.  The agricultural and farming industries remained a huge part of the local economy until recently.  Currently, Richfield has experienced a boom in urban development.

Education in Richfield
There are only two public schools serving the children living in Richfield: Richfield Elementary and Plat Elementary.  Plat Elementary, which is actually located in nearby Colgate, serves students in Pre-K through 2nd grade and Richfield Elementary provides education for students in grades 3-8.  Richfield high school students attend Hartford Union High School in nearby Hartford, WI.

Things to See and Do in Richfield
Richfield golf courses are perfect for the golf enthusiast.  Kettle Hills offers 45 holes while Arrowhead Springs is a majestic 9-hole course.  Several parks dot the Richfield landscape.  The many lakes, streams and creeks along with the gorgeous scenery make Richfield perfect for outdoor lovers at any time of the year.With the local economy, location near to Milwaukee and beautiful scenery, Richfield offers so much to its residents.  Come visit Richfield today.