Welcome to Germantown, WI



Recently named one of the top 30 most appealing places to live in the US, the quaint village of Germantown is located in the southeast portion of Wisconsin’s Washington County.  Its location near the bustling city of Milwaukee makes Germantown real estate in high demand for commuters.  Residents of Germantown are proud of their German heritage and want to share it with future generations.  The Germantown Historical Society has spearheaded the campaign to preserve as many of the historical buildings and sites in Germantown as possible so that we can keep the past close at hand.Germantown

Germantown’s Booming Economy
Since the 1960s, many service and retail businesses have settled into Germantown to accommodate its ever-increasing population.  Germantown’s economy is boosted primarily through manufacturing, wholesale and service industries.  Education, health and social services also employ a large number of Germantown’s residents.

Germantown Education
Students attend public schools in Germantown that are overseen by the Germantown School District.  There are three elementary, one middle and one high school operating in the public school system here.  In addition, there is an excellent private school, St. Boniface Elementary School, operating in Germantown real estate that teaches children from Pre-Kindergarten age through 8th grade.

Attractions and Sites of Interest in Germantown
The history of Germantown real estate has been exquisitely preserved in many buildings and museums in the area.  The Christ Church Museum, Bast Bell Museum, Wolf Haus, Old Courthouse Square Museum and Hartford Heritage Auto Museum are only a few of the many historical museums you can find in Germantown.  Dheinsville is a hamlet within Germantown that houses a prime collection of Wisconsin’s bells through the years as well as the oldest German-designed building in Germantown.

People come from miles around to visit the Basilica of Holy Hill and its Shrine of Mary.  Even before the church was built, Native Americans flocked to this hilltop because they believed it to be sacred ground.  Masses are still performed by friars from the Carmelite Order here everyday.  There is even a gift shop and cafe available on the grounds for its visitors.

Several parks dot Germantown real estate.  Some of these include Alt Bauer Park, Dheinsville Historic Park, Kinderberg Park, Spassland Park and Friedenfeld Park.  All of Germantown’s parks are open to the public and are wonderful places for residents and visitors to enjoy Germantown’s beautiful outdoors.  Places to go picnicking, bicycling, hiking, fishing, swimming, boating (in the warmer months) and even ice skating, cross country skiing and sledding (in the winter) are abundant in Germantown.  Nearby Pike Lake State Park and the Kettle Moraine State Forest are excellent places to enjoy the great outdoors up close and personal.

Germantown is a golf lover’s dream.  There are over 20 golf courses within 10 miles of Germantown’s center that cater to every skill level.  These include both public and private courses.
Of course, you can’t think of Germantown without thinking of its amazing food.  Pubs and fine dining sprinkle Germantown’s landscape.  Whether you’re in the mood for authentic German cuisine or prefer other wordly fare, you can find it in any of the restaurants in Germantown.
Stop by today and see why so many people are flocking to Germantown.