Welcome to Fredonia, Wisconsin


The town of Fredonia, situated in Ozaukee County on the east side of Wisconsin, is a small community that takes great pride in the fact that it is considered the birthplace of what is now known as the United States’ National Flag Day.  Since residents of Fredonia are such a small, tight-knit group, they look out for one another, which has created an extremely safe community with a very small crime rate.Fredonia

Fredonia’s Economy
Since most of the residents of Fredonia work outside of the community, it can be considered more of a bedroom community.  However, with the increase in population over the last few years, Fredonia has also experienced an increase in local businesses, primarily in the service industry.

Schools in Fredonia
The Northern Ozaukee School District attends to the public education needs of students living in Fredonia.  This includes one elementary, one middle and one high school.  With a teacher-student ratio of 1:15 and almost $1200 more spent per student than the national average, it is easy to see that Fredonia takes the education of their children seriously.  Additionally, parents have two charter schools and one private school to choose from as an alternative to public education for their children.

Visiting Fredonia
The National Flag Day Foundation has called the Waubeka area of Fredonia its home since its inception.  The Americanism Center displays all 27 different designs of the American Flags throughout history.  The on-site museum contains local memorabilia as well as military historical items on display.
It is also easy to visit Fredonia’s past by simply taking a stroll, riding your bicycle or even driving along the Chief Waubeka Trail, a great path that ambles around the town.

Fredonia is a small community that is big on civic pride.  Come visit to see for yourself.