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Cedarburg real estateThe historic City of Cedarburg, Wisconsin is located in Ozaukee County.  The city itself is bound on its east side by the Village of Grafton and is just a short 25 minute drive to Milwaukee.  Cedarburg is well known for its history.  The community takes pride in preserving the stone and brick buildings that date back to the 1800s. And residents enjoy the many parks that dot the town as well as the preserved green space.
Cedarburg’s entire downtown district is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, which insures the up-keep of this charming and quaint city.  Residential areas range from elegant older homes to newer town homes, condominiums and colonial homes.  The downtown district is made up of restored traditional homes and farmhouses.

History of Cedarburg

Joseph Cardenier was the first known person to the area now known as Cedarburg.  He built a cabin in the east side of the area and called it “Cedarburg”, meaning “The Castle of the Cedars”.  He built the Columbia Mill on the same site shortly after. William Schroeder and Frederick Hilgen were the official founders of Cedarburg in 1845.  The two came across Cedar Creek and built a gristmill on it a year before naming the village.  After eleven years passed they decided to replace  the gristmill with a five-story building made of stone called Cedarburg Mill, which became the center of the new village.  Soon five more mills and dams were built along the creek that is now part of Cedarburg.

In 1864, the biggest mill ever was built, the Cedarburg Woolen-Mill.  After installing a generator in 1897, the first electricity in town was produced.  An electric plant with steam engines was contracted in 1901.  The Cedarburg Electric Light Commission began running all utilities in 1909.  It was renamed to the Light & Water Commission in 1923 after it took on the responsibility of water and sewer services.  This utility is still in service today.
The city has grown over the years with a healthy community and a mix of services and industry.

Education in Cedarburg
Students of Cedarburg are served by the Cedarburg School District.  The district is made up of three elementary schools, one middle school, one high school and a few private schools.  The district is proud of its high student performance scores.  The test scores are historic high and much better than neighboring school districts.  Student teacher ratio is 16 to 1 with a graduation rate of 93%.  77% of those graduates plan to attend college.  Students scored highest in mathematics, reading, writing, social studies and science.
Parents are pleased with the ongoing success of each student within the district as the district continues to monitor students achievement and instructional programming.

Things to See and Do in Cedarburg
The City of Cedarburg offers a superb park system providing ballparks, playgrounds, swimming pools, and an old-fashioned bandstand that’s used during summer months.  The Ozaukee County Fair is held at Fireman’s Park each year along with Maxwell Street Days and other great festivals; too many to mention. There are several quaint restaurants and an abundant amount of shopping spots offering everything from specialty items to out of the ordinary items.  Cedarburg is also the antique capital of Wisconsin.

Cedarburg’s Tourism Scene
Tourism in Cedarburg began to boom when several older buildings were bought and restored.  In 1974 many buildings in downtown Cedarburg were added to the National Register of Historic Places.  Now the city is a pleasant and quaint place to visit.  People come year-round to visit Cedarburg for the city’s antique shows, band contests, art fairs, summer parades, and Christmas in the Country.  Tourists also come to Cedarburg to visit the city’s many historic buildings. You truly can’t choose a better city to find a great home for you and your family than Cedarburg, Wisconsin.


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