Here are some of the best parks in and around Ozaukee County

Living near a park can vastly improve your quality of life; the air is cleaner, there is a place for kids to play (and adults too) and they provide a unique fixture to a community. Within Ozaukee County, there are several parks and some have neighborhoods located within walking distance. Here are some that are close to the biggest parks in the area.

Legion Park Cedarburg


Cedarburg is a city filled with parks, with around 10 different parks in the city limits. Those who are looking for a unique park experience should consider moving near Cedar Creek, Legion Memorial, and Adlai Home Parks.

These three parks are nearby Cedar Creek and Cedarburg pond which creates a great space for nature walks. There is even a play area for the kids and two baseball fields. The area around Centennial Park is another great neighborhood. With paved walkways, two water features and a park, this is a great place for people who have pets or little ones who need to burn some energy, but if you don’t have those don’t let that turn you away.

Herman A. Zeunert Park is another park with a pond and a playground, it is near several stores and restaurants so it will probably be busier than a smaller park.

Cedarburg boasts a low crime rate, several schools and plenty of restaurants and shops in the area. All of this makes for a well-rounded community for any home buyer.

Jackson Marsh State Natural Area


Jackson, Wisconsin only has one small neighborhood park but it does have one park that sets it apart from other towns: The Jackson Marsh State Natural Area. People living along Jackson Drive are the closest to this park. The marsh is a wildlife area but it is open for dog walking and hunting with the proper permits. This area is a little more expensive to live in but it has a low crime rate and several private schools.


The community of Belgium, Wisconsin is a small town but it does have its share of parks. Along Middle Road, you can find Bares Park and Heritage Park. Homes located on Lilac Lane and Middle Road are just across the street from the parks. Both parks have a play place for the kiddos and open fields for sports, picnics or an afternoon stroll. Main Street homeowners can take a trip to Community Park for the day to enjoy the playground, picnic shelters, and baseball fields. The final neighborhood park is Lake Hills Park which is located on Lar-Ann St, this small park has a play set and a field making it a good spot for a day out.

Port Washington North Beach Park

Port Washington

If being by the water is your ideal place to live then why not look for a home in Port Washington. Along the shores of Lake Michigan is the Port Washington North Beach Park. This park has a large playground, a picnic area, a band stage and plenty of open space. There is even a boat launch a short drive away for those who want to take a trip out to the lake. And if the water isn’t your thing there is always the Birchwood Hills Nature Area. This park is perfect for long walks and gorgeous views. Port Washington is another pricier neighborhood but with plenty of restaurants and shops in the area, it is a good place to look for a home.

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